Photo Essay: One Weekend in Winter

I’ve been counting down to my next adventure around the Bellarine, the small ocean-side strip of land that seperates Port Phillip Bay from the Surf Coast.

The weekend before the local Celtic Festival, I decided to head out with my partner for an adventure.

On the road.

On the road.


We ended up at Swan Bay, a Marine National Park home to a large population of seabirds, parrots swans close to the historical town of Queenscliffe. There is a legend in this area, originally named Swan Ponds by Matthew Flinders that there is a treasure in one of the caves close to the southern shoreline. The ‘Lost Loot of Lima’ was thought to have been stolen by Benito "Bloody Sword" Bonito, a pirate looting the Americas who was caught and hanged sometime in 1821.

Naturally, planning has commenced for a kayak treasure hunt.